Public transport in Rijeka

Public transport in Rijeka

Public transport in Rijeka is very well developed.  If you buy a ticket from the driver it will be a bit more expensive (10 Kuna/1,30 Euro); other than from the driver, tickets can be purchased at kiosks and Autotrolej sales points. In Rijeka you can buy a single ticket for one ride, a single ticket for two rides, a daily and a weekly ticket.

Bus lines linking the beaches in the East and West

Line no. 1 connects both beaches of the city, in the West (Kantrida) and in the East (Pecine). Taking bus no. 1 direction “Bivio” will bring you to the city stadium and the pools on Kantrida  as well as the beach Ploce in the West of Rijeka, taking the same bus no. 1 direction “Pecine” will bring you to the beaches (Sablicevo, Glanovo, Plumbum) at the East of the town (take the stop Hotel Jadran or Plumbum). You will have an approximately 10-15 minutes drive to the next beach.

Lines no. 2, 8 and 8A connect the center with Trsat castle and the University campus.

Bus to Opatija, Volosko, Lovran

Line no. 32 runs from Rijeka to Volosko, Opatija and Lovran and it runs every 30 to 45 minutes; the starting point in Rijeka is Jelacic Square. The price for one way is approx. 30 Kuna  (4,50 Euro) and the it you will need half an hour from Rijeka to Opatija.

Buy a ticket for public transport

Single tickets purchased at kiosks have to be validated at a machine on the bus; a traveller can change buses but has to bear in mind that a ticket for zone 1 is valid for 60 minutes, zone 2 – 70 minutes, zone 3 – 90 minutes and zone 4 – 130 minutes.

Daily tickets have to be validated at a machine on the bus and it is valid for 24 hours. Once validated you can use it for an unlimited number of rides on that day, on all lines within zone 1. These tickets can be transferred to other people.

Weekly tickets are valid for an unlimited number of rides in a period of 7 days, they are not transferable, and they have a name of the person who will be using the ticket as well as the date till it’s valid.

The main bus station in Rijeka is located in Zabica, in the very centre. Here you can take a bus to visit other cities in Croatia, as well as Europe. Also companies like Flixbus or the Airport bus depart from here.

Download the public transport map of Rijeka here.